Best Intentions

Intentions were strong when I started this BLOG but my focus wained.  Challenges at work and home allowed me to make excuses to not "be good" and I kept gaining. That stops here.  I will again use this BLOG as what it was intended to be, a tool to make me more accountable to myself.... Continue Reading →


Observations from a Fat Man

Stress is a silent killer, we have heard it before.  It’s elusive, easy to ignore, but impacts our lives in ways we sometimes don’t even fathom. Pardon the pun, but here is some additional food for thought for any of those who have had difficulties with their weight. I made a recent discovery when doing... Continue Reading →

Trip = Diet Fail

What is it about being on the road travelling, for work or otherwise that makes your will power erode?  Is it the sense of adventure, the joy of trying new things, or just the "I'll be good when I get back" mentality. Doing some Diet Damage on this trip, but to be honest I just... Continue Reading →

We needed a replacement car seat for my daughter who is now getting too big for her existing Stage 1-3 all in one.  After plenty of research we decided upon the Britax Frontier G1.1 ClickTight Carseat/Booster.  This is a quick review based on my in-store review and initial installation.   Pros Fast and easy install using... Continue Reading →

​Are we alike?

I have battled my weight, my bad habits, and poor health for most of my life.  Despite having several significant successes with my weight loss.  I have always found a way to eventually misstep on the slippery slope of bad habits and have always returned to where I started.  Often becoming unhealthier, more unfit, and... Continue Reading →

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