Quick Review – Britax Frontier ClickTight Carseat/Booster

We needed a replacement car seat for my daughter who is now getting too big for her existing Stage 1-3 all in one.  After plenty of research we decided upon the Britax Frontier G1.1 ClickTight Carseat/Booster.  This is a quick review based on my in-store review and initial installation.  


  • Fast and easy install using ClickTight and the seat doesn’t budge once engaged
  • No need to climb on top of the seat to weigh it down when using Latch anchors
  • Built very well with a well-padded back, lots of great safety features
  • Better arm rests than several other Stage 3 to Booster products we reviewed in store (some didn’t even have any)
  • Ability to buy an accessory that allows the lap belt to have a “crotch strap” when in booster mode to prevent children from coming through the bottom in the event of an accident
  • Front facing harness mode with ClickTight up to 65lbs here in Canada (95lbs In the US)
  • Front facing full back booster mode up to 110lbs


  • Crotch Strap for booster mode is an added purchase.  At this price point and with the way they tout it’s safety features, I would expect it to habe been included in initial purchase
  • Shoulder area may be too tight for broad shouldered children, my daughter is in the 95th percentile for her age and has a large frame.   She indicated in the store that her shoulders were not as comfortable with some other models
  • It’s heavy so it could be unwieldy for smaller framed persons trying to get the seat into some vehicles
  • Front facing harness mode only supported up to 65Lbs here in Canada, this may be more due to Canadian regulations than anything Britax can do.  But would have loved for Britax to determine some solution that would allow for that capacity here in Canada as well (may not be realistic)

All in all, we are very happy with our purchase so far and hope for some longer road tests to allow for our daughter to see if it makes sense to buy another for our second car.


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