Observations from a Fat Man

Stress is a silent killer, we have heard it before.  It’s elusive, easy to ignore, but impacts our lives in ways we sometimes don’t even fathom.

Pardon the pun, but here is some additional food for thought for any of those who have had difficulties with their weight.

I made a recent discovery when doing some soul searching.  I am an emotional eater.  It took me my whole life up until now to discover this little tidbit.  Mostly because my symptoms don’t present themselves the way I have always seen on TV or the way it was referred to in books I read.

I don’t become unhappy at a single moment in time and then decide to eat for comfort.  I don’t reach for the proverbial tub of ice cream and giant size spoon because I had a hard day.  That’s never been in my makeup.  So, I never even conceived of the possibility that my diet was directly related to emotion.  But the reality of it is that almost all my successes or failures have hinged entirely upon it.

When I reflect on the periods where I had the most success in my weight loss journey.  I realized my greatest successes have always occurred in periods where I was happy or otherwise carefree.  My levels of ambient stress were low, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the day to day, my mind wasn’t mired in the negatives, and I wasn’t overly thoughtful of work while I was “off the clock”.  I took time to prepare my foods, I had the will power to ignore temptations, and I generally cared about me.

Conversely, when all the above was directly opposite to that.  When I constantly fretted over the negative energies in my life, when I was under significant amounts of stress, or when I found myself otherwise taxed mentally, emotionally, or physically for abusive amounts of time.  My diet went completely out the window, I had no willpower to avoid my tendencies to bad habits, and “me” became some distant construct or concept that never even entered my thoughts.

So, bearing that in mind, I will be focusing as much on “being happy” and getting exercise.  As I will be on what I am putting in my body.  For me, it would seem they are all one and the same.


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