Are we alike?

I have battled my weight, my bad habits, and poor health for most of my life.  Despite having several significant successes with my weight loss.  I have always found a way to eventually misstep on the slippery slope of bad habits and have always returned to where I started. 

Often becoming unhealthier, more unfit, and certainly less happy than before.

My last attempt was the worst.  Starting in 2014 @ 348lbs and dropping to 255lbs in a little over a year and a half (just shy of 100lbs lost).  And today I sit once again over 300 (327 to be exact).

I said I wouldn’t let it happen, I said my kids were too important to me to allow it (my impetus for losing in the first place was my newly born first child).  But one bad choice after another led me back to where I am today.  A place where I am finding it much harder than ever before to climb back out of.  Every effort eventually stalls out, every focus somehow erodes,  and no success is enough to keep me on track.

It would be easy to blame the kids and the challenges of parenthood or life in general but it would be a cop out.  I just haven’t focused enough or prioritized myself like I should.  But it  does lead me to the question, how do you put systems in place and consistently follow them to achieve better health and fitness with a family and small kids?  

Well I’m intending to find out.  And I’m going to chronicle my finds, my successes, and my failures along the way.  That way maybe someone else may find some value from it too.



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